Basic Trouble Shooting

Here are some quick and easy ways to troubleshoot your cable connection that could save you the time of calling our Customer Service or Repair Department.
  1. Be sure the TV and converter box are plugged into a "live" electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch.
  2. Be sure the TV , VCR , Box are set on the same channel ( 4 ) if you have a Converter .
  3. Make sure TV controls (brightness, contrast, horizontal/vertical hold) are properly adjusted.
  4. Make sure all wires are tightly "snug - hand tight" connected, with no slip-on quick connectors.
  5. Make sure your VCR, DVD, or other devices are not turned on at the same time.
  6. If converter power has been interrupted for any reason, try turning the converter on and off to "reset" the converter box.
  7. Be sure that your equipment is hooked up right and that you setup has not changed.
  8. Another step to try is to plugged the cable directly into the TV to make sure its not a converter, VCR or video game connections interfering in your picture quality.
  9. Just remember Splitters, fittings, and wire will go bad in time.

    Diagrams on how to hook up my VCR, DVD, PNP, Video Game .

    How to purchase Digital Pay-Per-View.

    User Guides and Manuals for Allen's TV Cable Equipment.         





EXPLORER DHCT 3000 User Guide

Universal Remote Control All Touch 2000



How to play Classic Games

Interactive Onscreen Program Guide


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If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing technical problems, and need one of our specially trained technicians to come to your home don't hesitate to contact us.




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