Customer Service Care Goal

At Allen's TV Cable Service, we recognize that our present and future success depends on each customer's trust in our ability to deliver quality products and service. We care what you think.

Our goal is to earn our customers´ trust by making sure that every customer is satisfied with the outcome of every contact (s)he has with our employees and in the service we provide.

We have not completed our job until we meet this goal 100% of the time.


As a result of this commitment we:

Care for our customers

  • Provide the highest quality service;
  • Conduct all transactions for the benefit and convenience of each customer;
  • Provide information that will enable our customers to understand and enjoy our service benefits;
  • Satisfy each customers´ service expectations;


Care for our people

  • Create an atmosphere of mutual respect;
  • Provide training and encourage personal growth and development;
  • Recognize individual and collective contributions;


Care for our community

  • Identify with and support local community causes;
  • Enrich community entertainment, information and educational resources;
  • Provide quality employment opportunities;





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