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With Allen's TV Cable's Digital Cable

You are Now In Control!

  • Standard Cable on all addition TV's in the house included with paid subscription.
  • Unrivaled sound and picture quality.
  • Interactive program guide.
  • No ugly dish to purchase.
  • Access to multi-channel premiums.
  • Access to all Local Channels.

* Please call to find out or look at your local channel line-up.

Switch to cable-powered

ATVCi.net High Speed Internet

  • Go times faster than DSL and uVerse - Speeds starting at 3 Mbps up to 50 Mbps or faster !

  • No phone needed.

  • No more waiting to log in.

  • Local support and service provider within your community.

  • 24/7 Tech Support.

*Available in upgraded areas only. Please email or call the office for more info.

Standard Cable Services

  • Crystal Clear!

  • Reliable!

  • Access to all your favorite channels!

  • With your paid subscription, you get access to these channels on every outlet in the house for FREE!

  • !

  • Best of all it's very affordable!



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